Shatter apologises for delay in briefing Gillespie family about Gallagher’s return to CMH

The Justice Minister says he regrets that the Gillespie family were not told sooner that double killer John Gallagher was back in custody.

John Gallagher shot and killed mother and daughter Anne and Annie Gillespie in the grounds of Sligo General Hospital in 1988 - he was tried for their murder but was found to be insane.

He absconded from the Central Mental Hospital in 2000 - and handed himself back in on the 14th of May - after 12 years on the run.

However, the Gillespie family weren't informed until Tuesday night.

Minister Shatter says he expects Gallagher will apply to have his case reviewed by an independent board at the hospital - and has admitted he could be released within weeks or months.............