36.7 is now the average age in Donegal – CSO

New figures published by the CSO today show that the average age in Donegal is slightly higher than in the rest of the country, with women slightly older that men.

The latest analysis of last year's census also shows that there is a higher than average level of age dependency in Donegal.

Between 2006 and 2011, the average age of the population of the State as a whole increased by half a year to 36.1, while the average age in County Donegal increased by 0.7 years to 36.7.

The rural population of the county is older than in urban areas by 1.4 years on average, with the averasge age of women 1.1 years higher than that of men.

The latest analysis also looked at age dependency - the extent to which younger and older people are dependent on the those of working age.

In Donegal the young dependency was 36% and the old dependency was 20.9%, an overall total of 56.9%.
That contrasts with a total age dependency for the State of 49.3%.