Council urged to address Loughanure walkers backspot

One person has been hospitalized in recent weeks and two others injured in separate incidents while walking along the N56 road in the centre of Loughanure village.

There is a ‘drop’ of several inches on the side of the road near to the Irish college that has caused the accidents.

The ‘drop’ is quite near a fence alongside the road and there is no option for people but to step in close to the side of the road to avoid any oncoming traffic. This ‘drop’ is because the tarmac on the road is several inches higher at this point than the previous surface.

Locals have been in touch with Donegal County Council and traffic cones have been put in place this week as a temporary measure.

One elderly lady who fell there sustained broken bones and has spent several weeks in hospital care as a result, while a mother and her young child also sustained injuries.

Residents are calling on Donegal County Council to take immediate measures before any more people are injured.