Taoiseach running scared of referendum debate – Deputy Doherty

The Taoiseach has ruled out delaying the referendum to ratify the EU Fiscal Treaty - despite Germany saying it's putting off ratification until next month.

Enda Kenny says there's a legal obligation on us to vote on May 31st and therefore the date of the referendum will not be postponed.

He's also ruled taking part in the head to head debate with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams on TV3.

The station had challenged the two to the debate on May 29th, but Enda Kenny says he will not go on the Vincent Browne Programme..........


Sinn Fein has accused the Taoiseach of running scared from a debate
with its party leader Gerry Adams.

Donegal South West Deputy Pearse Doherty says the Taoiseach is running out of excuses not to take part in a debate...