RAAD claim responsibility for two recent shootings in the Derry and St Johnstone

Republican Action Against Drugs have claimed responsibility for two gun attacks in the north west in the last week.

An 18-year-old man was shot in Derry last week, while a 39-year-old was shot in St Johnston on Tuesday night.

Republican Action Against Drugs said it was responsible for shooting a man at his home in St Johnston on Tuesday evening.

The 39 year old man, originally from Derry, was shot in the arms and legs at his home at Legnatraw in the village.

He's recovering after surgery, he had to be removed from Letterkenny General Hospital to a hospital in Dublin.

RAAD also said it was responsible for shooting 18 year-old Phil O’Donnell in an alleyway in Creggan last Thursday night.

Last weekend hundreds turned out in Guildhall Square for a rally against the vigilante groups actions.

But in response RAAD said it will not be dettered by public rallies. They said "No amount of protests will stop RAAD operations."