Oatfield management meeting with workers today

The owners of the Oatfield brand will begin meeting with staff today ahead of the closure of the factory at the end of May.

Zed Candy confirmed on Friday that the plant would close, with production moving to a factory in the UK.

Confirming their intention to close the plant at the end of May, management said on Friday that they will support the 15 workers involved in every practical way, in order to minimize the impact of the decision.

How that support is realised should be come clearer today, as management meets with each individual employee today.

Meanwhile, thoughts are now turning to the future of the site, which is owned by Donegal Creameries. There's been speculation that an international retail company may be about to take over the site, but that's not been confirmed.

Earlier this month, Donegal Creameries' CEO Ian Ireland indicated to Highland Radio News that when Zed Candy vacate the site, the site may be sold....


* Clip first broadcast on April 12th.