Reported submarine wreck in Lough Foyle is sonar illusion

It's emerged that there is no submarine or shipwreck at the bottom of Lough Foyle.

It follows a series of sonar surveys commissioned by the North's Department of the Environment.

They now say the images found by a mallow based Search and Rescue Team in March were an anamoly.

According to Environment Minister Alex Attwood, an image captured during a search in March suggested the possibility of a submerged submarine or shipwreck which created much public interest.

The exact location of the presumed wreck was not disclosed, and a dive ban was put in place while marine experts met to discuss the find and ensure they established accurately what was located there. As part of that process, a series of sonar surveys was carried out, and Mr Attwood says that new work has not confirmed the possibility of a submarine or other significant find.

He says the original image was the form of a 'sonic illusion'. When the site was scoped out the sonar exaggerated and enlarged what was there.

Mr Attwood's statement concludes for a moment, there was a thrilling possibility which has now not come to pass, and he shares a sense of disappointment as a result.