Mc Guinness says he will testify at the Smithwick Tribnal if asked

The North's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has repeated he would be prepared to testify at the Smithwick tribunal.

Speaking on the fringes of an international conference on conflict resolution in Dublin this afternoon, Martin McGuinness told the BBC he would be prepared to testify at the Smithwick tribunal if asked.

However, he added he had nothing to tell about the murder of the two police officers being examined by the tribunal.

Earlier this week, Sinn Fein said Mr McGuinness rejected claims at the tribunal that he was involved in authorising the IRA murder of two RUC officers, Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Bob Buchanan in 1989. They were ambushed and killed as they returned from a meeting in Dundalk Garda Station. The Smithwick Inquiry is examining claims of garda colllusion in their deaths.

The claim was made by former British intelligence officer Ian Hurst - also known as Martin Ingram.

Mr McGuinness said he has made it clear that if there was a need for him to attend the tribunal, he would be prepared to do so, but it's an incident he know absolutely nothing about.