Carndonagh is Donegal’s fastest growing town

There were just over 161,000 people living in Donegal in 2011, with 27.5% of the county's population living in urban areas, compared to a national average of 62%, living on less thsn 3% of the country's total land surface.

According to the latest figures published in Census 2011, Donegal's fastest growing town is Carndonagh, which experienced 31.8% population growth between 2006 and 2011.

As well as being Donegal's largest town, Letterkenny is also the largest town in the three Ulster counties within the Republic of Ireland, with a population last year of 19,588.

Nationally, the figures show an increase in Ireland's population density, with an average of 67 people living on every square kilometre - compared to 62 in the previous census of 2006.