Negative local reaction behind IBAL’s decision to exclude Letterkenny?

Letterkenny is to be excluded from this year IBAL litter survey with Buncrana the only town in the county to be monitored.

Letterkenny is one of a number of towns across the country to be excluded from the survey due to a cut in funding - but the negative reaction from local elected representatives to the survey's finding are also thought to be a factor.

A number of councillors have played down the importance of the survey on an annual basis, generally off the back of a below rating for Letterkenny.

After the last set of results, Councillor Dessie Larkin called for IBAL's government funding to be cut while the Mayor Gerry McMonagle described the survey as spiteful:


IBAL president Tom Kavanagh says that the Letterkenny reaction to the survey was unique and disappointing.

He added that Buncrana's inclusion will be very good for the town: