Shots fired over coffin during Derry funeral

There were reports of shots being fired over a coffin at a funeral in Derry this morning.

Local man Chang Coyle died of natural; causes at the weekend and during his wake the Starry Plough flag was displayed over his coffin.

As the coffin emerged from the house in Rosemouunt Gardens this morning before making its way to St. Mary's Chapel in Creggan a group of four uniformed and masked men stepped forward.

One of the  men held a rifle and fired up to ten shots over the coffin before the group disappeared back into nearby streets.

The funeral then continued on its way.

Seamus 'Chang' Coyle was prominent in the INLA and in 1977 was one of the firing party at the funeral of the founder of the Seamus Costello in Bray in 1977.