GAA- Murphy Backs McGuinness On Cassidy Issue

Donegal captain Michael Murphy has backed the decision of his manager Jim McGuinness to drop Kevin Cassidy from the county squad. Cassidy became embroiled in controversy when he contributed to a book in which he criticised the 2010 management team and revealed tactical and fitness techniques employed by Donegal. As a result McGuinness took the decision to remove Cassidy from the county panel.
When asked by the Irish Examiner whether Cassidy should be allowed to return to the squad, Murphy insisted that there is no way back for him ."Jim had to make the decision and the county had to make the decision and that was the decision made," he said."Kevin stepped out of line and that was agreed on by everyone. That was unfortunate but we're looking forward to a new season and we're looking forward to rowing in behind everybody again and getting on with it."