Buncrana women awarded 2.5million euro

The High Court has approved a 2.5 million euro settlement to a 23 year old Donegal woman with cerebral palsy - which is alleged to have arisen from a birth injury.

Lauren Tinney from Buncrana sued the HSE through her mother Eleanor over the handling of her birth at Letterkenny General Hospital in May 1988.

Lauren Tinney has spastic quadroplegia, she is wheelchair bound, and the court heard she has bouts of depression because she is aware of her injuries.

Her lawyers allege she developed cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence during her birth at Letterkenny General Hospital.

They say there was a critical delay of over 24 hours in carrying out an emergency caesarean section.

There has been no admission of liability by the HSE ..in fact this was a highly contested case and Lauren's solicitor Roger Murray says she is pleased with today's 2.5 million euro settlement:


While Lauren will always require 24 hour care, the court heard  she's her own hobbies and interests and today's award will open a gate to a new level of independence by allowing the 23 year old to live away from her parents for the first time in her life.