Ferry abuse: HSE reviewing it’s involvement in Michael Ferry case

The HSE says it is is reviewing its involvement in relation to the case of Michael Ferry to establish that all appropriate actions were taken by both the former North Western Health Board and the HSE.

The executive is also urging anyone who may have been abused to seek counselling.

In a statement this afternoon, the HSE said it will review all elements of the Michael Ferry case in whichc it and and the old North Western Health Board may have had an involvement.

This review will be carried out in line with the HSE’s National Incident Management Policy.

In the aftermath of the recent extensive media coverage of the case of Michael Ferry, the HSE is encouraging individuals and families who have experienced sexual abuse to avail of counselling services.

Services can be accessed through local GPs, the North West Regional Counselling Service in Letterkenny on 1800 234 119 or the Donegal Rape Crisis Centre at 1800 448 844