Ferry Abuse: Abuser may have worked with youth group in the 80’s

It is understood the he HSE will confirm later that a multi-agency response, including support and counselling services for victims, will be announced in response to the conviction of Michael Ferry.

It follows representation made to the executive by Deputy Pearse Doherty, he says there may be more victims in the area and it is important that there are services in place to support all of those who have been affected by the actions of Michael Ferry both directly and indirectly.

Meanwhile Ireland's leading youth organisation is investigating whether serial paedophile Michael Ferry worked as a youth leader at one of its clubs.

Foroige is understood to be examining files to see if the 55-year-old convicted sex abuser was a volunteer in the 1980s when the club was based in Derrybeg.

It is believed the Foroige youth club in Derrybeg collapsed in the late 1980s and subsequent attempts to set it up again foundered. The organisation could not say exactly when or why the club was shut down.