Supreme court allows Donegal dance teacher who abused pupil to be named

The Supreme Court has cleared the way for an Irish dancing teacher, found to have sexually abused a former pupil, to be named.

68 year old Michael Quigley of Barnhill Park, Letterkenny has been ordered to pay 400 thousand euro damages by the High Court for abusing a then young girl in the 1980s. Quigley was told today he would have to pay out €50,000 immediately, with a stay on the rest pending an appeal.

Michael Quigley tried to stop his name from being published after the High Court found he had sexually abused a former dancing pupil between 1982 and 1989.

Now in her forties, the woman gave evidence that she was 12 when he first sexually assaulted her but that he'd begun grooming her at the age of 6.

Mr Justice Sean Ryan found the Irish dance teacher had also interfered with two other girls.

Quigley went all the way to the Supreme Court today to try and stop his name from being published until the outcome of a planned appeal..citing his family's reputation.

He lost that attempt this afternoon. Dana Doherty's solicitor Brian Gill has welcomed the ruling............