Over 50 people turn out for Dungloe Community Hospital meeting

Over 50 people attended a public meeting in Dungloe last night, as fears grow over cutbacks in services at the community hospital.

Locals are angry about current bed shortages at the hospital. There was 44 beds originally in the hospital, but that has been cut to 30 beds.

When the new wing of the hospital opens in September, it's believed there will be 35 beds available, but locals want a return to 44 beds.

The hospital serves a wide catchment area from Leitirmacaward - Gweebarra Bridge to the Crolly Bridge area. The hospital also serves Arranamore.

The population of the area is 7% higher than the national average in the age bracket of 70.

Deputy Thomas Pringle, who attended last nights meeting, says locals are worried about the hospitals future...