Funeral takes place of former Letterkenny Councillor

The funeral has taken place of former Letterkenny Town Councillor Frank Gallagher, a native of Belfast, who died in the Donegal Hospice at the weekend after an illness.

Frank Gallagher served just over six months on the authority, having been coopted in January 2009 after his Green Party predecessor Neil Clarke stepped down. Prior to that he had attended every council meeting as a member of the public, earning the nickname "The 10th Councillor".

Mr Gallagher didn't retain his seat in June of that year, but remained on as secretary of the Donegal Greens. In November, that grouping voted to split from the official Green Party in protest at its performance in government.

Previously, Mr Gallagher stood on the Green ticket in Donegal North-East in the General Election 2007.

He had been active in community politics for many years and been involved in trade union and anti-nuclear movement activities, as well as spending a period as local Chairperson of the National Organisation of the Unemployed.