Donegal man pleads guilty to hit-and-run incident in America

A Donegal man has pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run incident in America.

28-year-old Damien Crossan from Trentagh was arrested on board a plane which was set to take off from JFK International Airport in New York in February, as he tried to flee to Ireland.

28-year-old Damien Crossan from Trentagh tried to flee America after the hit-and-run accident in Pennsylvania.

Police had recieved an anonymous tip that Crossan was responsible for the accident, he was arrested in John F. Kennedy International Airport after trying to board an Ireland bound flight on February 9th.

Once in custody, Crossan admitted to the incident.

His victim, 32-year-old Jane Timlin was struck from behind a week before, she was pushing a shopping trolley along the road because there was snow on the footpath.

He faces charges of reckless driving while improperly licensed causing personal injury and hit and run. If found guilty, he could go to jail for seven years for each offence.