Calls for recognition of Tip O’Neill’s Buncrana heritage

Buncrana Town Council is to consider ways of commemorating the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Tip O'Neill, whose centenary occurs next year.

Tip O'Neill was instrumental in the formulation of the Anglo Irish Agreement, and help found the International Fund for Ireland.

His maternal grandmother was Eunice Fullerton, who came from a farm at Sleaderin, Buncrana. The site of the farmhouse was bought by Tip O'Neill before his death in 2004, and is now owned by his son.

This week, former Council Official Leonard Roarty told members of Buncrana Town Council that they should look at ways of honouring the memory of Tip O'Neill, with an achievement award for members of the Irish diaspora and a Tip O'Neill summer school among the suggestions.

Mr Roarty says an award would allow the council reach out to the Donegal Diaspora and strengthen ties across the world: