Today marks 20th anniversary of killing of Eddie Fullerton

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the killing of Buncrana Councillor Eddie Fullerton by loyalist paramilitatries.

He was shot at his home in circumstances which his family continues to claim are highly suspicious, and they are repeating their calls for a full inquiry into his death.

56 year old Eddie Fullerton was a member of Donegal Council and Buncrana Town Council when he was killed nby the UDA, twenty years ago today.

At two o'clock in the morning, on the 25 May 1991, Cllr. Fullerton and his wife Diane were woken by the sound of their front door being knocked in with a sledgehammer. He was shot six times from the stairs as he left the bedroom to investigate the noise.

A month later, it was claimed an RUC intelligence file containing his photograph and details was found in the possession of the UDA in Derry. Questions have also been asked about what assistance the killers received on this side of the border.

Eddie Fullerton's family has long campaigned for an independent public inquiry into the events surrounding his death, and that campaign is being stepped up again this week as his 20th anniversary is marked in Buncrana.