Search resumes for missing 22-year-old in Lifford

A search has resumed  for a missing 22-year-old in Lifford.

David Colhoun from Lifford, hasn't been seen since the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mr.Colhoun was being held in custody at Strabane PSNI station in the early hours of Sunday morning. He escaped when officers were putting him from one police car into another. He hasn't been seen since and hasn't contacted his family or girlfriend.

It's understood Mr Colhoun was last seen heading towards the River Foyle, although no-one has of yet come towards the Gardai or PSNI reporting a sighting.

The PSNI checked CCTV footage of businesses in and around Strabane bus station yesterday to see what direction the 22-year-old headed.

Searches along the river bank and surrounding areas were carried out yesterday but there was no sightings of Mr. Colhoun.

The new search began this morning at 8am. The search will be concentrated near Lifford bridge were the river Finn and Mourne meet.