Councillor Slowey to appeal his FG expulsion this weekend

An appeal of the decision by Fine Gael to throw  Councillor Terence Slowey out of the party, will be this weekend.

Fine Gael made the decision following a Standards in Public Office report found that Councillor Slowey had acted 'recklessly' in double claiming expenses.

Councillor  Slowey appeared before the SPOC in relation to expense claims made by him in 2008.

He admitted at the hearing in Dublin that he had filed a double claim during the period but claimed he had done so in error, and said he had paid a huge political price for the mistake.

The SPOC found the councillor had acted recklessly and off the back if its findings Fine Gael expelled him from the party.

Councillor Slowey lodged an appeal immediately, which will be heard on Saturday.