Patsy Brogan back in court on new ‘Shebeen’ charges

South Donegal farmer Patsy Brogan has been accused of running a “Shebeen” in a shed called the Bog Hotel attached to his home outside Inver, Co. Donegal.

The 73-year-old appeared at Donegal District Court today on a charge of selling beer and spirits at the premises last September 25.

Brogan was not asked at this stage if he was pleading guilty or not guilty to the summons brought on behalf of the Director of Prosecutions by Inspector Denis Joyce.

Mr Dorrian told Judge Kevin Kilrane that the summons accused Brogan of “running a shebeen”. He asked for a copy of the prosecution warrant and information contained on it and the case was adjourned to June 27 for mention.

Brogan was cleared by a court a year ago of running an illegal bar in his converted shed when Donegal County Council sued him for a breach of planning laws.

He told that court that he doesn’t charge for drink and the judge found the converted shed was not unlike private bars in homes across the country where families shared drinks with friends.