Kerr family urge people in the North to use their vote

The family of murdered PSNI constable Ronan Kerr have urged the public to "support the peace process" by voting in tomorrow's election.

Constable Kerr's mother, brothers and sister said the local and Assembly elections were "our only democratic means to reaffirm our need for peace.

They also said it didn't matter what party people voted for, as long as they supported the peace process.

In their statement, the Kerr family warned that by not voting we would be letting the men of violence  have control and power over our lives.

They said that by voting, we are condeming violence, ensuring power sharing and mutual respect and supporting law and order in our country.

They said politicians and a police force were needed to represent and protect all sections of our community.

They concluded their statement saying that everyone should use their opportunity to to vote tomorrow to ensure we have a peaceful country, free of fear and intimidation and providing us all hope for the future.