Road Traffic Bill passed with new legislation promised to address loopholes

A group representing those who have lost loved ones in road traffic collisions is welcoming a new piece of legislation - which was passed in the Dáil last night.

The Road Traffic Bill, which will come into force in two weeks time, makes it compulsory for Gardaí to breathalyse drivers involved in any road collision where someone has been injured.

However, the PARC Road Safety Group have raised concerns with the Minister for Transport that there are some loopholes in this legislation, including a provision that a Garda can decide not to seek a breath test, if the officer feels that the driver may be in shock. There are also problems in cases where the driver is unconscious.

But the Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has given a commitment that he will publish a second road traffic bill by the end of this year which will tighten up this legislation.

PARC Chairperson Susan Gray is welcoming that commitment.............