Government promises review of commercial vehicle tax

The Government has promised to review the commercial vehicle tax rules following public outcry over their strict enforcement.

In a crack down on the legislation, many people who have the vehicle registered as commercial are being stopped by gardai inquiring if they are using it for private purposes.

The issue was raised in Dail last evening by Deputy Padraig MacLoughlain. He says it is inevitable, given the lack of public transport in rural areas, that commercial vehicles will be occasionally used for private purposes.

He demanded action be taken.........


Responding, Junior Minister Fergus O'Dowd agreed that common sense must be applied. However, he said it is reasonable that Tax Offices and gardai demand to see documentation proving that the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes.

He told the Dail there is evidence that people have been paying commercial tax rates for what are effectively private vehicles, and that is not acceptable............