Poll respondents not confident the new Government will deliver

A snap shot poll of Highland Radio listeners shows that the majority feel the new government will do little or nothing to benefit County Donegal.

As the leaders of Fine Gael and Fine Fail bickered in the Dail as to who is to blame for the country's mess and who is best placed to resolve the situation, respondents to the Highland Radio News Poll on Facebook suggested all are equally incompetent.

Asked 'Do you believe the new government will ‘deliver’ for Donegal?' the overwhelming majority responded that it was a case of the 'same situation, different parties.

25% of our listeners were more adamant, stating they did not believe Fine Gael / Labour would deliver for the county, while just fewer than 10% were confident the coalition would.

The poll is not scientific but for fun - follow us on Facebook at HERE for more news and interactions.