Army dispose of device habded in to Milford Garda Station

It's emerged that an Army Bomb Disposal Team was called to Milford Garda Station after a suspect device was handed in by a member of the public last evening.

The device, described by an army spokesman as a ‘projectable enhancer’, had been washed up along Rathmullan Strand.

The bomb disposal team arrived at Milford Garda station at 5.10pm and removed the item at 5.20pm.

The operation, which was described as a ‘conventional munition disposal’, resulted in the device being taken away to be disposed of at a later date.

The enhancers are plastic containers with small amounts of energetic material which are used to give extra distance to projectiles.

The Defence Forces spokesman described the device as ‘corroded but stable’.

The area around Milford Garda Station was declared safe shortly afterwards and nobody was hurt during the operation.