Brochure published to promote Killybegs as an offshore support base

As the port of Killybegs continues to expand, a new brochure has been launched highlighting the port's suitability as a centre for servicing offshore energy exploration and renewable energy projects.

While the port's traditional roots as a fishing harbour remain strong, Killybegs has been versifying to become a cruise ship destination, and a base for offshore operations.

The Donegal County Development Board has been the driving force in the publication of a brochure highlighting Killybegs expertise in the offshore supports area.

The brochure was developed in partnership with Killybegs and District Chamber of Commerce, Killybegs Community Council and local business representatives.  The purpose of the brochure is to showcase the port of Killybegs and to also provide details of local service providers.

The Mayor of Dongal Cllr. Cora Harvey says the publication of the brochure signals the beginning of a concerted effort by everyone to promote Killybegs as an offshore support base.

Addressing the ceremony launching the document, she said Killybegs is a port ready for the 21st century.

She added offshore energy exploration will not only benefit the port and its immediate environs, but also the wider county with opportunities for new job creation and training.