Lord Carlisle finds no evidence of MI5 involvement in Derry murder

An independent advisor has told the family of Kieran Doherty in Derry that MI5 had no connection to his death.

Lord Carlisle investigated concerns about the shooting of the former Real IRA member 13 months ago.

The body of 31 year old Kieran Doherty was found on Baraehead Road in Derry in February of last year. A few  before he was killed, Mr Doherty, a former member of the Real IRA told the Derry Journal that MI5 had tried to recruit him as an agent.

Lord Carlisle, an independent government advisor on the activities of the security services agreed to investigate.

He will submit a formal report to the Northern Secretary, but Lord Carlisle has now written to Foyle MP Mark Durkan, telling him that having looked at claims of MI5 involvement, he believes that there was no misbehaviour by anybody connected directly or indirectly with the public service in connection with the murder.

Mr Doherty's family say they were disappointed with the finding, saying they reject the claim of the Real IRA that he was involved in drugs, and that's why they killed him.