Waste contractors may have to export refuse out of Donegal

Donegal may be forced to export its waste with the county's last remaining landfill site expected to close next year.

There are just 30,000 tonnes of capacity left at the site in Ballintra, with no alternative plan currently in place to deal with the county's waste.

At one stage Donegal had four landfill sites at Drumabodan, Glenalla, Muckish and Ballintra - however all but  Ballintra have reached capacity, it is expected space their will be exausted before the end of next year.

The majority of the county's waste is collected by private companies, however they may be forced to export waste where possible as Donegal County Council has no plans for a new facility in the county.

Private operators say that if capacity has to be be found outside the county, it will cost much more them to dispose of waste, a cost which will have to be passed on to the customers.

A spokesperson for the council has confirmed to Highland Radio News that no plans are in place, as of yet, to deal with Donegal's waste only to say that the situation will be reviewed in the context of a National Policy Review.