Student’s drink “spiked with Ketamine”

A Letterkenny student had her drink spiked with Ketamine at the weekend, according to a report in today's Donegal People's Press.

The 20 year says she was told by an Emergency Department doctor that based on the description of her symptoms, her drink had almost certainly been spiked  with the drug, which is used as a horse tranquiliser.

According to the paper, the 20 year old student went to the Emergency Department at Letterkenny General Hospital on Sunday last after suffering severe symptoms on Saturday night. She said she had four vodkas at home before going out, but did not drink alcohol while in the club, limiting herself to Red Bull.

However, while at the club, she collapsed in the toilets. She told the paper that while her mind was clear, her body felt as if it were paralysed. She said her friends thought she was very drunk. They called a taxi driver she knew, and he brought her home.

She says she was told by a doctor at the hospital that her blood tests were clear, as the drug would have cleared her system, but he told her that her drink had almost certainly been spiked with ketamine. He said he had seen a similar case about a month ago.