Questions about short term future of Donegal – Dublin PSO

Junior Gaeltacht Minister Dinny Mc Ginley says he'll be seeking clarification from the Department of the Environment about the immediate future of the Donegal to Dublin air service after it emerged there will be a delay in the introduc tion of a new Public Service Obligation/

The current PSO expires on July 31st, but according to the Department of Transport, new contracts will not be in place until the end of the year.

The department has confirmed that the continuation of the PSO contracts will be curtailed to Donegal and Kerry and that the specifications for the two services are being finalised at present.

However, Kerry, where the PSO expired in October, has already lost two of it's three Dublin flights, and there are questions over what will happen here.

Minister Dinny Mc Ginley says he'll be seeking clarification.............