Calls for a new investigation into the 1981 murder of woman in Derry

The North's Historical Enquiries Team is being urged to investigate the murder of a woman by the IRA in Derry almost 30 years ago. 29 year old Joanne Mathers, a mother of one, was shot dead as she collected census forms in April 1981.

Her husband has called for a new investigation, and now, East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has backed those calls, saying a new investigation could answer many questions for the family.

The dead woman's husband Lowry Mathers, who is from Brady in Tyrone, says new technology could shed fresh light on the circumstances of the killing of his wife, which happened as she collected cencus forms in Andersons Crescent in the Gobnascale area of the city in 1981.

He says he was told at the time that the gun used uin the shooting had been used by the IRA in a number of so called punishment shootings.

Giving the campaign hs full support, Gregory Campbell said a new investigation may help the police establish who the perpetrators were and ensure they arer held to account.

He says this could at least help to bring some closure to the Mathers family.

In a statement today, Sinn Fein say everyone bereaved during the troubles haver the right to seek the truth, and the family of Joanne Mathers are entitled to the same considerations as all others looking for answers.