Court told progress is being made on Gweebara fisheries dispute

A defence solicitor has said progress is being made in a row between the Northern Regional Fisheries Board and 34 men and a woman over fishing rights on the Gweebarra River.

The legal proceedings stem from a campaign for a group of Gweebarra Anglers to be recognised as a club with traditional angling rights such as Rossses Anglers and Fintown Anglers.

They claim these rights had been established over many years.

Dungloe District Court heard there was a case before the High Court involving members of the Donegal Game Anglers Federation where a decision was crucial to the outcome of the separate District Court proceedings..

All cases involve a total of 103 charges of illegal fishing on the Gweebarra River system in the Doochary area.

Defence solicitor Cormac Hartnett said: “There is progress being made.”

Judge Denis McLoughlin adjourned the case to June 14h for mention.