Rising fuel costs continue to hit motorists and hauliers

The price of petrol has reached a record high, with the cost of a litre of petrol surpassing the 1 euro 50 cent mark at many of the country's petrol stations.

That compares to this time last year when the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol was 1 euro 27 cent.

It's now costing families an extra 1-thousand euro a year to run their cars and AA Ireland is calling on the incoming government to reduce the tax on fuel.

The owner of a haulage company in Donegal is reiterating his threat to stage a major blockade across the entire country if the new government doesn't address the price of fuel.

John McLoughlin of JML Fuels recently organised protests in Donegal and Dublin, and met with the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny to outline his concerns on the eve of the election.

He's repeating his pledge that hauliers will bring the country to a standstill if the problem isn't tackled........