Feasibility study into Raphoe flooding to begin in May

A feasibility study looking in to how the issue of flooding in Raphoe can be addressed is due to start in May.

The issue has been raised by Councillor Gerry Crawford who this week sought an update from the council as to how addressing the flood problem was progressing.

Raphoe has been hit by severe flooding over the years with the most recent incidents in 2006 and 2007  - hundreds of thousands of euro of damage was caused to houses and business as a result.

This led calls for long term flood prevention measures to be put in place and an update on that progress was given this week to Councillor Gerry Crawford.

He was told that the Office of Public Works has completed a pre feasablity study of flooding in Raphoe, and the next stage, the feasability study its self will commence in May.

The OPW is in charge of the study and met with council officials in February to discuss the the range of issues in Raphoe.

While the council points out progres is being made, now date or timeline, on when work will actually start on the ground in an effort to prevent further, flooding was given.