Planning permission given for wind farm in Glenties

An Bord Pleanala has given planning permission for the development of a controversial wind farm in Glenties, with clearance given for 13 turbines, significantly less than the original number applied for.

10 parties had opposed or expressed concerns about the development including the Irish Peatlands and Conservation Group.

Pj Malloy had initially applied for permission for the construction of a wind farm 7 kilometres Northeast of Glenties comprising 35 wind turbines, control building, compound, access and all associated site works. Previous directions from the County Council had reduced this to 109 turbines.

Despite objections the planning board has granted conditional planning permission for the project.

Conditions include that a further 6 turbines be omitted from the scheme which shall be allowed for a period of 25 years - turbines will also be restricted in size.

While construction is ongoing a management plan must be put in place to monitor the impact on the local environment and wildlife, this must be agrees with The national parks and wildlife service before work starts.

A number of directives have been introduced to protect local residents - these relate to turbine noise and possible interference with TV and Radio reception amongst others.