Mc Daid claims support for SF is really a protest vote

Former TD Dr James Mc Daid has said the collapse in support for Fianna Fail is embarrasing, but he remains a member of the party and is campaigning for Charlie Mc Conalogue in Donegal North East.

Speaking on today's Shaun Doherty Show, Dr Mc Daid said while he lost the Fianna Fail whip in the Dail, he never left the party, and is continuing to support the party and its candidate.

Dr Mc Daid also claimed that Sinn Fein's massive increase in support in Donegal is due to an anti Fianna Fail protest vote, and he's urging voters in that situation to consider Independent candidate Betty Holmes.

He says Sinn Fein can say anything they want, because they will not be in government in the republic......