PARC founder hits out at delay in crash scene mandatory testing delay

The Donegal based founder of the road safety organisation PARC says she is angry at the latest delay in the introduction of mandatory breath testing of drivers involved in fatal and serious injury collisions.

Legislation recently went through the Dail and Seanad which was aimed at introducing the measure by the end of this month. However,  it's reported it has become one of a number of bills stalled by the latest political developments and the fast tracking of the Finance Bill, and the measures will now come into effect along with new drink drive limits at the end of September.

Susan Gray of PARC says the new bill was presented as a means of speeding up the introduction of mandatory, but it was in fact a watered down version of the bill passed last year which PARC was satisfied with.

She says former minister Noel Dempsey rejected amendments which would have closed a number of legal loopholes...........