New births not being registered in Letterkenny

It's emerged that new births at Letterkenny General Hospital are not being registered because information is not being sent from the Maternity Ward to the Registrar's Office.

The issue came to light when the father of a woman who had a baby earlier this month contacted the Shaun Doherty Show to say that she needed a birth certificate, but couldn't get one because the information has not been provided.

The HSE has issued a statement which indicates that following early retirements and the recruitment ban, work is being prioritised at the hospital. However, the statement does not address the specific query.

Richy, who recently became a grandad, spoke on todays Shaun Doherty Show, said his daughter couldn't get her new born childs birth registered........


Richie Carruthers is Regional Spokesperson for the Impact Trade Union. He says this issue should be resolved in the context of discussions on how to reorganise and reprioritise positions within the hospital in the wake of the early retirements.

As of now, he says, management have not begun those talks.............