Scepticism as Gardai claim dog was hit by car, not kicked to death

Gardai in Letterkenny are seeking to play down reports that a group of children, some as young as five, had kicked a dog to death in the Long Lane area of the town.

In a statement issued to Highland Radio News and local papers this morning,  gardai refer to "sensationalist" coverage on Highland Radio and in one local paper. They say an autopsy has shown that the dog died after it was hit by a vehicle, and there is no evidence of the animal having been kicked to death.

Gardai say a joint investigation involving themselves  and the ISPCA has now concluded.

However, Paul, the man who originally raised the issue is standing by his story. Speaking on today's Shaun Doherty Show, he claimed gardai did not take the issue seriously when he first reported it, and now they are trying to cover their backs........