Mayor says many reservoirs are running dry

The Mayor of Donegal has conceded that the authority's Emergency Phone line for people affected by the water crisis is not functioning as it should.

Since the thaw began at the weekend, thousands of pipes are believed to have burst across the county, many of which have not been detected. Donegal County Council is continuing to implement widespread restrictions at night in a bid to preserve supplies, with details available at and the council's own website

People without supplies at all, or with bursts or other problems to report are being urged to contact the council's emergency line at 074 91 72399. However, Highland Radio has been receriving numerous calls reporting that the line is not being answered.

We understand once again, the lines are being handled by a call centre elsewhere in the country, which does not appear to have the capacity to handle the number of calls being received.

Mayor Cllr Cora Harvey says many reservoirs are effectively empty, and that suggests the proboem with undetected leaks is widespread...........