“NRA a disaster” says Mc Ginley as council refuses to play blame game

Donegal County Council has said it has done all that can within its power to boost the county's salt stocks.

From noon today, the council implemented a restricted treatment service on the county's roads. As reported last evening, the priority list has been split into red and green routes. Only the red routes, most of them National Primary Roads will be salted, with other roads just receiving sand and grit.

Senior Roads Engineer, Vincent Lynn, says he hopes salt stock will be back up to acceptable levels by Christmas, but while most councillors are pointing the finger at the NRA, Mr Lynn says he won't play the blame game............


Meanwhile, Donegal South West Deputy Dinny Mc Ginlery hasn't been so shy about apportioning blame, calling the NRA's handling of the situation inexcusable. In a statement this evening, he says giving countrywide responsibility to the National Roads Authority for the provision of salt has proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

He wants some of the salt en route to Ireland to be shiped directly to Killybegs and says the council's priority list must be revisited......