Man in court following criminal damage to Bunbeg Garda Station

Wreckage at a Garda station and on a Garda car has been recounted at Donegal Circuit Court when a man admitted violent disorder and criminal damage.

Sgt Jim Collins recalled that Paul McBride phoned twice seeking his van keys when his brother was held at the station for drink-driving.

At 4.50 a.m. on August 30, 2008, gardai heard a tractor approach and Paul McBride was in it with what appeared to be a hammer. He kicked in the door of the Garda station twice, damaging the door lock.

A person with him smashed the windscreen of the patrol car.

Judge John O’Hagan heard that McBride’s brother, Michael, and Daniel Duffy were dealt with at previous courts.

The judge ordered 34-year-old Paul McBride, of Knockastoller, Bunbeg, to pay €1,000 to the Department of Justice for damage to the Garda station. He imposed a one-year jail sentence suspended so long as McBride did 120 hours community service.