Four substantial tax settlements made in Donegal

The latest tax defaulters lists shows that 2 settlements in excess of 1 million have been made with the Revenue Commissioners.

During the 3 months to the end of September last - a total of 72 settlements were made - amounting to over 13 million euro.

There were four major settlements in County Donegal the largest from John McCrudden, a plumber from St Mary's, Buncrana for just over 108 thousand euro.

Gerard Diver a builder from Cashel. Gortahork settled for 70 thousand euro, John McConnell, a butcher on Main Street, Ballybofey settled for just short of 70 thousand.

While the lowest settlement of 52 thousand euro was made by Rhona Mcloughlin a publican with an address at upper main street, Buncrana.

Across the country the largest single settlement was made by company director Robert Galbraith of Kate's Cottage in  Co Wexford who made a settlement of over 1.8 million Euro.

A grocer - James Geoghegan, of 2 John Street in Pimlico, Dublin 8  made a settlement of over 1.5 million with the Commissioners.