Deputy Pearse Doherty makes maiden speech in Dail

Donegal South West Deputy Pearse Doherty has made his maiden speech in the Dail, calling on the government to pack its bags and leave office immediately.

Deputy Doherty was speaking on a Fine Gael motion which promises to facilitate the government to have the Finance Bill passed by Christmas so that an election can take place in January.

Deputy Doherty accused Fine Gael of being prepared to pass the budget in order to have an election and get into power. A real opposition party, he claimed, would seek to have the budget scrapped immediately.

Deputy Doherty outlined Sinn Fein's alternative economic proposals, and said they were designed not for the elite, but for the struggling people he had met on the canvass in Donegal.

Addressing the government benches he said those struggles have been caused by their actions: