Donegal’s newest TD will only take home the average industrial wage

The newly elected Deputy for the Donegal South West Constituency says he will not be earning any more money now that he is an elected TD.

Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty will move from sitting in the Seanad to the Dail following his landslide victory during the by-election on Friday.

A TD’s salary is €92,672. However, Senator Doherty says there is a wage structure within Sinn Fein which means that every Minister, TD and Senator will all be paid the same-as per the average industrial wage.

His take home pay will still remain at €29,000 but he can avail of legitimate expenses such as travel.

Speaking to Greg Hughes on today's Shaun Doherty Show, Deputy Pearse Doherty says the remainder of the money will be put back into the party or the constituency office...........