Mallaghderg whale part of Rutland pod – IWDG

A spokesperson for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group has said the pilot whale found on Mullaghderg on Friday evening is most likely from the same pod which was washed up on Rutland Island just over a week ago.

The local photographer who found the whale reported that it seemed fresher that the whales on Rutland. An IWDG spokesperson indicated the whale has been dead for a week or so, but has spent more time in the water than the others.

He said it's unclear whether it is one of the 33 on Rutland and was washed off the beach during Thursday's storm, or a 34th whale . Either way, he said they believe it is from the same pod, and does not represent a seperate incident as such.

Tomorrow (Mon) morning, the focus again switches to disposal of the whales, with Donegal County Concil's area manager considering the options. At present, the two main options are burial on the beach, or transport by land to an incinerator in Cavan.